Sanction Orders

Title Subject Published Date Downloads
Sanction order No. 10153

Advance fund to Rourkela Municipal Corporation

12/04/2018 PDF icon 10153.pdf
Sanction Order No. 9920

Financial Assistance for treatment of 23 no of beneficiaries of the State

10/04/2018 PDF icon 9920.pdf
Sanction Order No. 9486

Financial Assistance for the Treatment of B. Aishwriya Pandey of Khurda district

04/04/2018 PDF icon 9486.pdf
Sanction order No. 9421

Financial Assistance to Mr Rama Ch Das of Kendrapara District

04/04/2018 PDF icon 9421.pdf
Fund Release Order


02/04/2018 PDF icon 9319.pdf


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