Sanction Orders

Title Subject Published Date Downloads
Sanction Order No. 37689

Sanction of Rs.6,10,000/- out of CMRF for treatment of 06 persons of the State

31/12/2022 PDF icon 37689.pdf
Sanction Order No.37103

Sanction of Rs.11,55,000/- out of CMRF for treatment of 12 persons of the State

27/12/2022 PDF icon 37103.pdf
Sanction Order No. 37043

Sanction of Rs.15.00 Crore out of CMRF in favour of OSDMA for construction of 55 nos of Multipurpose Cyclone / Flood Shelters

27/12/2022 PDF icon 37043.pdf
Sanction Order No.37046

Sanction of Rs.20.00 Crore in favour of State Aahaar Society.

27/12/2022 PDF icon 37046.pdf
Sanction Order No.35778

Sanction of Rs.14,25,000/- for the treatment of 19 Nos of beneficiaries of the State

15/12/2022 PDF icon 35778.pdf
Sanction Order No.35480

Sanction of Rs.1,23,247/- in favour of Collector Sambalpur for management of Mahaprayan Yojana

13/12/2022 PDF icon 35480.pdf
Sanction Order No. 35483

Sanction of Rs.1,20,00,000/- in favour of Collector, Boudh, Kalahandi, Nayagarh, Puri, & Sundargarh

13/12/2022 PDF icon 35483.pdf
Sanction Order No.35017

Sanction of Rs.8,00,000/- in favour of the Collector nawarangapur towards compensation to the NOK of 04 victims, who died in road accident .

08/12/2022 PDF icon 35017.pdf
Sanction Order No.34589

Sanction of Rs.10,45,000/- for the treatment of 13 Nos of beneficiaries of the State

05/12/2022 PDF icon 34589.pdf
Sanction Order No 33700

Sanction of Rs.3,35,000/- for the treatment of 5 Nos of beneficiaries of the State

28/11/2022 PDF icon 33700.pdf


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