Donors List (Covid 19)

Date Online Donors (Received through CMRF Web Portal) Offline Donors
Thursday, 11. June 2020 PDF icon CMRF-Donation-Online-11-6-2020.pdf PDF icon 11062020.pdf
Wednesday, 10. June 2020 PDF icon CMRF-Donation-Online-10-6-2020.pdf
Tuesday, 9. June 2020 PDF icon CMRF-Donation-Online-9-6-2020.pdf PDF icon 09062020.pdf
Monday, 8. June 2020 PDF icon CMRF-Donation-Online-8-6-2020.pdf PDF icon 08062020.pdf
Sunday, 7. June 2020 PDF icon CMRF-Donation-Online-7-6-2020.pdf
Saturday, 6. June 2020 PDF icon CMRF-Donation-Online-6-6-2020.pdf
Friday, 5. June 2020 PDF icon CMRF-Donation-Online-5-6-2020.pdf PDF icon 05062020.pdf
Thursday, 4. June 2020 PDF icon CMRF-Donation-Online-4-6-2020.pdf PDF icon 04062020.pdf
Wednesday, 3. June 2020 PDF icon CMRF-Donation-Online-3-6-2020.pdf PDF icon 03062020.pdf
Tuesday, 2. June 2020 PDF icon CMRF-Donation-Online-2-6-2020.pdf PDF icon 02062020.pdf


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